Flood-related Detours on the Union Pacific

I missed the military train this morning…

…but I did see this northbound manifest, which sort of made up for it.

Due to severe flooding in the St. Louis area, Union Pacific is detouring trains away from St. Louis, and the Peoria Subdivision is seeing a temporary surge in traffic.

Heading home early this evening, I had to wait on a slow-moving* freight at the Alta Road crossing. I chased it to Akron and shot video. UP 5655, UP 7980 and UP 7236 leading 95 cars.

Train symbol is AASNP or Autos, Alton & Southern to North Platte, NE. The “Auto” symbol is appropriate with 33 autoracks blocked on the train’s head end. Normally, this train departs the Alton & Southern’s Gateway Yard near East St. Louis and runs via St. Louis proper and Kansas City.

*Slow-orders of 10mph on some sections, 25mph on others due to bad crosstie conditions. 

– David P. Jordan

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