BNSF Peoria Local – April 19, 2012

I upload most of my videos to YouTube. This was an exception until today.

It shows the old BNSF “Peoria Local,” L-CHI107, rolling through Edwards, Illinois on April 19, 2012. After sunset around the Ft. of Chicago Street, the crew switches an empty carbon black car from Caterpillar’s Rubber Processing Facility (“Cat Tire”). BNSF 2037 & 2119 had 16 cars.

This was back when “107” ran Monday thru Friday, regardless of traffic levels, with an assigned crew. For periods of a few months, particularly in fall and winter, it reverted to an extraboard crew and ran only two or three days per week. In May 2015, “107” was abolished and replaced by M-GALPEI and M-PEIGAL, which normally operate Monday & Thursday and Tuesday & Friday, respectively.

– David P. Jordan

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